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Personalized Looney Tunes Products

Did you think you saw a cute kitten? Join the most insanely fun team!

Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny, Lola, Tasmanian Devil, Tweety and all the Looney Tunes friends have arrived at Stikets. Get into the big game with Looney Tunes Space Jam School stickers. In addition, you can decorate your room with your favorite cartoon wall decals. Choose the products you like the most and personalize them with your name.

Your children’s favourite cartoon characters now available at Stikets!

img_Your children’s favourite cartoon characters now available at Stikets!
Get your customized Stikets labels with your kids' favourite cartoon characters from the television. Your children will be astonished to see their name featured on labels with their cartoon heroes. You can mark all their belongings for nursery, school and after-school clubs with these resistant and easy-to-fix labels. Your kids will be able to identify all their personal property and school clothing to ensure that nothing gets lost and that they bring everything back home with them.

All your personalized stuff

img_All your personalized stuff
The Stiket Packs are ideal for marking and giving a unique design touch to all your little ones' things. In addition to washer and dryer-proof clothing labels and item stickers, you have everything you need to organize their things. Essential for school! Shoe labels mean no more confusion with other kids. They also include metal tags for marking toiletries and suitcases. You can also choose them with identification bracelets or ribbons to hang jackets or coats. Your choice!
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