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Clothing Labels

So everything finds its way homeMark all of your clothing in seconds
imatge_valor_1 100% Custom
imatge_valor_1 Washer resistant
imatge_valor_1 Express Shipping
imatge_valor_1 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Iron-On Name Labels


Labels with your Logo

Design your Clothing Labels On-line

img_Design your Clothing Labels On-line
Naming kids' and babies' clothing has never been easier with Stikets.
  1. Iron-on labels: our thermally-adhesive labels are very durable and easy to apply to all of your clothing. It only takes 8-15 sec to apply and the labels are extremely resistant to the washer and dryer.
  2. Stick-on labels: are applied by pressing firmly on the satin label of the garment.
  3. Custom iron-on labels with your logo: Upload your design, choose the shape, size and quantity and get an instant quote.
Use these durable stickers on clothes for school, kindergarden, summer camps, nursing homes, even for working clothes.
imatge_descripcio_1 100% customizable
imatge_descripcio_1 Extra-resistant: washer (max. 60ºC) and dryer
imatge_descripcio_1 Easy to apply: press 8-15 sec with an iron

Choose your custom label to mark your children's clothing

img_Choose your custom label to mark your children's clothing
Stikets are perfect for marking children's clothing. The labels are super comfortable and come in the many options. Help your children, as well as teachers, identify what belongs to whom. Stikets also great for businesses. Get your designs made just the way you want for your enterprise or just for you and the clothes in your closet. Personalize your labels your way.

Iron-on and Extra Resistant labels

Custom iron-on labels for clothes

img_Custom iron-on labels for clothes
Labels for Stikets clothing are easy to iron-on. The heat of the iron blends these labels perfectly with the garment so that it is integrated into the fabric unlike traditional fabric glue-based labels. For best results, store your labels in a cool, dry place. Due to their high quality and elastic performance, Stikets iron-on labels are extra resistant to washer and dryer. To learn how to apply them, watch our video. Couldn't be any easier!

How to create a custom label design for garments at Stikets?

img_How to create a custom label design for garments at Stikets?
At Stikets you can create custom labels with a completely unique design. In addition to indicating a text, you can choose from more than a hundred icons. Your kids will have a great time choosing their favorites and it will be easier for them to identify their things. Also choose from a wide palette of colors or textured background colors. If you prefer variety, you can choose color combinations. Your children will love having something made just for them.
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Make your life a little bit easier with Stikets. Discover our practical solutions that will make the day-to-day life of your family a little bit easier and a little bit better. Save time and headaches so you can focus more on you and those you love the most.
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