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Nursery bags customized

Essentials for Home and SchoolPractical and with your child's favorite designs
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Nursery bags


Change of Clothing Bags

Customize your daycare bags

img_Customize your daycare bags
Nursery bags and spare clothing bags are a must if your little one is going to daycare. That's why we've included them in the Stikets product catalog, so you can order them to match your favorite themed packs. You can mark and organize your little things for kindergarten in the with these fun and practical items that come with unicorns, dinosaurs, pirates or animals. And don't forget to personalize them with your child's name!

How to customize snack bags and Spare Clothing Bag at Stikets?

img_How to customize snack bags and Spare Clothing Bag at Stikets?
You can choose the snack bag and change of clothing bag that match or have different designs. Once you've chosen your little one's favorite design so that he or she can easily recognize his or her nursery school bag, you can personalize it with his or her name. Just choose the font you like best and you're done! Do you want both bags together? In a couple of clicks you can choose design, name and process your order. You will receive them at home within 3 to 5 days.

Everything in Order at Daycare with Stikets Snack Bags and Change of Clothing Bags

Customize your daycare bags in a snap!

img_Customize your daycare bags in a snap!
Discover Stikets new snack and spare clothing bags. They match the labels on your Stikets Theme Packs and your favorite cartoons! Essential for kindergarten you cannot go wrong with these bags. Stikets have the sizes that most daycare and nursery schools prefer for so that they are ideal for both your little one and to hang them without touching the floor. Just choose the design you like best: animals, unicorns, dinosaurs or cartoons.

What kind of snack bags do we offer?

img_What kind of snack bags do we offer?
Stikets snack bags and change of clothing bags are very durable as they withstand washings with no problems. The sizes of each model are in line with those requested by schools. They are big enough to fit everything you need but no so big that the end up on the floor. These are essentials for the daycare, nursery school and kindergarten.
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Make your life a little bit easier with Stikets. Discover our practical solutions that will make the day-to-day life of your family a little bit easier and a little bit better. Save time and headaches so you can focus more on you and those you love the most.
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