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Personalized name stamps for clothes and belongings

Fast and EasyMark clothes and paper in seconds
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Stamps for clothes and objects

With Stikets®️ Personalized stamps you can quickly and easily mark your children's clothing and belongings for day care and school. Each stamp is 100% customizable with the text, icon or logo of your choosing. The Stikets®️ Stamp will make your family life a little bit easier (and a little more fun) by being able to label your family's belongings with just a stamp!

Refill pad for stamps

How to personalize clothes and objects with Stikets custom stamps?

img_How to personalize clothes and objects with Stikets custom stamps?
Personalized stamps are the fastest and easiest method to label your clothes and objects. If you don't feel like ironing and you don't want to put adhesive labels on your garments because you always cut out the manufacturing labels, Stikets personalized stamps®️ are going to be your best friends. You simply have to look for a highly visible part of the garment that is flat and seam free. Place the stamp completely flat on the fabric. When you see that the personalization printed on the top of the stamp is in the correct orientation, press down evenly so that the stamp is printed evenly across the surface.

Design your stamps for labeling your children's clothes

img_Design your stamps for labeling your children's clothes
In just a few clicks, you can create your personalized stamps for clothes and objects at Stikets. Enter the name and the additional information you want, choose a letter font and decorate it with the icon you like best. You have a lot of themes to choose from. In this way, even the little ones who still cannot read, will be able to recognize their things. Once your order is complete, you will receive your stamp within 3-5 business days. Forget stamps that have to be assembled letter by letter! With Stikets personalized stamps, you can mark clothes and paper with your little one's name in just a few seconds.

The quick solution to mark your little one's clothes and objects

Discover the easiest and cheapest way to personalize clothes and objects

img_Discover the easiest and cheapest way to personalize clothes and objects
Each Stikets personalized stamp includes an ink cartridge with which you can mark more than 1,000 garments. This not only makes it an easy but also an economical way to mark all clothing and objects such as diapers, notebooks or books. In addition, the ink resists rubbing and sweat and will last more than 60 wash cycles at 30º or more than 30 cycles at 60º. If the ink begins to fade you can simply stamp it again and seconds later it is as good as new.

Do you need to label dark clothes? Discover Stikets iron-on labels

img_Do you need to label dark clothes? Discover Stikets iron-on labels
Stikets®️ personalized stamps are a very practical and quick solution for marking clothes and objects. In order to be able to properly label black or dark clothes, we recommend Stikets iron-on labels. You can choose the colour that you prefer and they are visible on garments of any colour. Stikets iron-on labels are ironed in seconds. Simply iron at maximum temperature and without steam until the label is integrated into the fabric. It is important to iron until the texture of the fabric can be perceived when rubbing the finger over the label. This is when the label has been properly applied and becomes permanent, resisting the washer and the dryer.
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Make your life a little bit easier with Stikets. Discover our practical solutions that will make the day-to-day life of your family a little bit easier and a little bit better. Save time and headaches so you can focus more on you and those you love the most.
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