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Personalized Snack Box

The safest, ecological, and economical solutionTake your food with you

Children's lunchboxes for children. Bento box


BPA free lunch boxes. Children's snack pack


Tuppers for children stainless

Personalized Lunch Boxes are a must have.

img_Personalized Lunch Boxes are a must have.
School lunch, excursion, park play date or hiking take your food with you. Not only is it healthier, more ecological but it is also more economical. Your kids will eat better and you will feel better. Choose the box that best suits your needs. For little hands, opt for smaller, easier-to-handle models. Stainless steel boxes are ideal for everyday use. Boxes with compartments are especially useful for separating food when spending the day out. All Stikets snack and lunch boxes are made from only safe materials for your health and peace of mind.

Why buy custom lunch and snack boxes at Stikets?

img_Why buy custom lunch and snack boxes at Stikets?
Stikets has choosen among the best brands to offer high quality, safe, and environmentally friendly snack and lunch boxes. We want the best for your little ones. That's why we only have BPA-free options. You can choose between stainless steel or plastic boxes and they are toxin-free to keep the little ones' food safe. In addition, we make sure that the boxes are made for little hands so they can be open and closed with out help and durable enough to withstand the most adventurous of outings.

A lunch box for every need

Custom Lunch and Snack Boxes, buy them here!

img_Custom Lunch and Snack Boxes, buy them here!
Your child is unique. That is why at Stikets you can personalize everything with your child's name and get a style that matches their interests. Choose the box with the size you need and the material you like best then customize the Stikets labels that match each design. The adhesive labels are dishwasher safe and do not loose color over time or in the sunshine. Your child will always know which snack box is theirs and bring it back home with them.

Customized Original Lunch Boxes and Snack Boxes for Children

img_Customized Original Lunch Boxes and Snack Boxes for Children
At Stikets you can create the most original and totally unique lunch box and snack boxes for your child. These boxes are customizable with matching name labels. Monbento snack boxes also com with decorative labels so that your little one can customize them as they like. Let their imagination fly!
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